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The Best Memory Improvement Games Mystery Health Secret Blog

You can improve both your short and long-term memory skills by participating in certain memory improvement games, and studies actually show that people are able to learn memory techniques faster and retain them longer when the training involves task-specific practice, such as with memory improvement games.

There are literally hundreds of different memory improvement games that you can choose from, as they are very popular these days because so many people are so concerned with getting their memory back. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to have fun with these memory improvement games, and rather than being depressed or sad about your memory loss you need to stay positive and optimistic and this will carry you through and dramatically increase your progress.

This is one great improving memory game that you should definitely add to your repertoire here. It is very simple and involves the matching pairs of cards from a large group. The basic point here is that when you turn one card over if you do not find a match for it you have to turn them face down again but remember which card was where, and this helps to improve your memory.

You play this game using a standard deck of cards, but you can also use tiles that have pictures or numbers on them, as long as there is at least one other tile that matches each. Start by laying out about 24 of the cards or tiles face down, making sure that the 24 cards consists of 12 matched pairs. Once you have them face down you need to move them around so that you are sure you do not know where each card is located.

Now you just turn one card over at a time and try to find the card’s mate. This is not only one of the most effective memory improvement games but as well one of the most enjoyable and definitely one to try out first.

This is another great option for improve short term memory game, and the best part of all is that you can make the trivia about anything, from movies, television and history to food and culture. Trivia is also great because you can play it with a large group of people, so you can sit around with your family and friends and make this memory improvement game the highlight of the night.

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